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Enter the order form the name and phone to buy a spray, to improve the potential Macho Man in Zagreb at a discounted price. Wait for the call consultant your order, the spray Macho Manthe Director will call you. When poslala you can pay the order in Zagreb.

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User reviews Macho Man in Zagreb

  • Damir

    What you guys decided to buy macho man a funny thing to try out. Planning a bachelor party, someone suggested the idea, but I don't argue for the price, this is nice. It wasn't a serious problem, but it happened. - I'm allergic to all the way, so it was a test theme. In total, we ordered five different sprays, the company is great. Night he got drunk, started to show up. Not afraid, just postponed Allergies. S Macho Man nothing, some herbs, natural remedies. Works! I didn't expect. The guys anyway. Imagine the night to try us the girl arrived, so we went to his room. The spray is now on the nightstand, just in case.

    Macho Man