Macho Man Buy the Pharmacy

The comfort of consumers Macho Man and every pharmacy in this drug printed instructions on each package. You should know that he's not the long, unnecessary commentary, and the procedure is very simple, I remember the first time. This consists of three stages, which are the following:

  1. to ensure that the means applied to clean and dry the penis. If this does not happen, you will need to go in the shower, then dry off thoroughly;
  2. further, the device has been removed from the packaging and applied to the penis;
  3. Within 10 minutes you have to wait for the main effect and dive into bodily pleasures.

After reviewing this list you might understand that the whole process use less than 15 minutes, the effect can be the past more than one hour. Dosage of the drug, but most recommended splash spray penis 3-4 times, that the result can impress even the most pessimistic of the customized patient.